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Organ donation

In 24 october, Jafar Rostaei, 37, married and has two children, resident of city of Bavanat, suffered cardiorespiratory arrest and after rehabilitation at a medical center city of Bavanat transfered to Abadeh Imam Khomeini hospital and admitted in the ICU. After Brain death transplant team show up in hospital on the morning of 25 october and members include kidney and liver members evict from patient's body and transplanted to patients who need to be and transferred to Shiraz. It should be noted that, liver  transplanted into the patient who is 51 years and resident of Marand

Civil defense exercise

Civil defense exercise to coincide of the crisis in Imam Khomeini Abadeh was held. This maneuver 27 October, to assess the strength and readiness of the facilities and personnel assessment and in times of crisis, the establishment of maneuver Earthquake in one of the city schools and transfer the injured to the Abadeh Imam Khomeini hospital .In this maneuver, the number of  students injured, without notice by emergency rescue of 115 and were sent to the emergency room and immediately inform about the hospital, said the crisis system (HICS) active and crisis committee made up of doctors, nurse, medical equipment, etc. in a field full crisis room and the necessary coordination and hospitals were called to the emergency department. Hospital emergency wards immediately evacuate victims to accept and fifty beds were prepared to accept casualties. After the victims injured in the incident, the injured were treated and treatment

Organ donation 
The organs of a brain dead patient to be donated to needy patients. Ms. Fereshteh  Mansouri, 22, who was brain dead Sunday 16 October with the consent of his family was taken to the  Namazi hospital, and five members of  her body  the evicted, includes kidneys, pancreas, retinas and Part of the skin, donation to patients

Family Walking
Hike was done on the occasion of the Fortieth of Imam Hussein.
This hike was done on the occasion of the Fortieth of Imam Hussein with the participation of medical personnel, administrative and doctors and their  families from Abadeh Imam Khomeini Hospital to the Shrine of  Bahman .
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